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Hello and welcome to getmeHOME (gmh-tagorder.com), the site where you can choose and order your Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health rabies tags:

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Look and feel

  • The paw tags are made of hard aluminium and covered with epoxy on both sides. (Note aluminium can be recycled!)
  • All the information is laser printed.
  • The QR code can be scanned by any smartphone and automatically opens a getmeHOME.ca page to help you connect with the pet owner.
  • An 18 mm ring is also included for attachment to the collar.
  • The large paw tag dimensions are 32 mm by 30 mm  ( 27mm by 25 mm for the small tag).
  • The large traditional (red heart) tag dimensions are 33 mm by 30 mm (27 mm by 25 mm for the small tag).
  • Information and contact details of your practice are printed on the front side of the tag.
  • All tags display the getmehome.ca toll free number 1-866-637-4250.


  • Benefits for your customers

    • The tags can be "activated" by your customers on the www.getmehome.ca site.
    • Each pet is identified with a unique tag number.
    • Your customers can benefit from direct assistance in case their pet runs away, through the creation of missing pet posters, identification of local pet shelters, blast notification emails.
  • Benefits for your practice

    • Your practice can be contacted through the toll free number.
    • You are always notified via email when a pet is found thanks to the tag you distributed.

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